Hi everybody See Girls make knives too .......


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Looks like you will be able to pay for your trip and go with spending money if you keep producing those knives!! very cool!


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I feel silly for what I posted with out looking at dates and why it was reposted. Jeff I have no idea what it must feel like to lose everything but you are in my thoughts and prayers keep on keeping on!
WOW Darci great work !! From your picture I'm guessing you are in your early teens. Thats about when I started making knives. If my knives looked that good on my eighth knife I'd be in a totally different league than I'm in now. Mine were crude at best back then. Beautiful knife, great materials, and design, and great to see a young lady enjoy making knives. Keep up the good work.

Doug Lester

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Yes, that was an awesome knife but if you read the date that was from six years ago and, hopefully Darci is well out of high school. I do hope that she stuck with the knife making. She's got the talent.