Home made Knife Vice

Archer Moon

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It is time that I steped up to the plate.

I have made a simple knife vice that works in a vice. It is made from 7/8" alder (whitch is about the softest wood out there), carage bolts, fender washers, and wing nuts.
The pics will help explain what I use this for. The knife vice can hold the blade or the handle with out marring the surface of your work. Can hold the knife by the blade for handle finishing and it stands up for drying! Can hold the blade edge down for file work, the 45 bevels act as a guide. Once the blade is in the knife vice, it can be rotated into any position in the main vice.
I hope this will help someone. It did help me.

I will let this run for 2 weeks and let one of my kids pic the number.P3290260.jpgP3290255.jpgP3290258.jpgP3290254.jpgP3290257.jpgP3290256.jpgP3290253.jpg

Just a little "Pay it Forward"!


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Been needing something like that for some time. Please count me in and Thank you Archer Moon
God Bless

Archer Moon

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Well. It has been two weeks. Jonathon has picked the winning number. Number 15! Johnny, if you can send me your info, I will get this out to you this week.

I hope that this will do you good. Dont ever let your lack tools slow you down.