Hook of the week! Woo hoo!


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This is from John Switzer's YouTube channel , one of my favorites. He checks out my RR spike hook I made during his Hook of the week series....

Kinda of trivial for you real blacksmiths but it's kinda cool for me!

Edited this as I misspelled John's last name!
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I saw that video yesterday. He had a little trouble getting it the same as yours. Was that an over-sized spike? Or just a regular one?


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Well I bought a box of 100 RR spikes from Ebay for $88 shipping included, and they were all quite rusty but obviously some newer than others. I'd say that spike was pretty much an average length from the box. Though it did look like it had more girth than his spike did. His spike was pretty rusty as well. IIRC it took me like 4-5 heats using a hydraulic press drawing it out with a couple of mid-heats keeping the width constant on my treadle hammer. I kept hitting the spike end fuller area with the drawing dies. I think I drew out the spike section to about 8-8.5"! He left the spike fuller 'pooch out' in place where I kept working it back in.

I first started this RR spike hook thing back around Christmas, I made a set of 5 and mounted them to a live edge black walnut slab for a Christmas present. The hardest part overall for me was getting a consistent bend on the scroll. It was fairly easy to make the scroll but very frustrating making 5 look fairly similar.

Below is one I've drawn out beside one with marks where I fuller...

This one is a side view....

I draw it out pretty skinny...