How many makers would be interested in a knife show in central Missouri?


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I hope this is allowed, not sure.

I am trying to organize a knife show in Stover, MO. That is near the west side of Lake Of The Ozarks. A tenative date of Oct. 27,2012 is when we hope to have it.
If anyone would be interested in a table please PM me or email me for details.

This is not a done deal yet, I am just in the planing phase, to see if there is enough interest to have the show. This will be knives and related knife items only, no guns or ammo. We already have one local supplier, and 5 makers, a sharpener guy, leather sheath maker, and a Schrade USA dealer on board. We have room for 84 tables and would like to have at least 60 plus.

Dale Whitesell


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I definently would try and make it to that . I am slowly getting started in knife making, so I'd be glad to see some supplies and check out the real maker's work .


Chuck Gedraitis Knives

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I'm not trying to discourage you but when Ed Wormser put on the first Chicago show he advertised for over a year. He went to shows and talked with makers and handed out fliers. You need to advertise to get the buying public there, blade magazine and all the internet forums you belong to. How close is your location to a major airport to get makers and collectors there?

You also have to compete with other shows that might be the same month or the same weekend.

Missouri gun and knife show Sept. 21-23, 2012
Oct 26-28 St. Louis Antique Arms Association show

Currently there is a show almost every weekend, every month all year. Plus hammer-ins, invitational knife shows and gun/knife shows.

Good luck with your show.