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Hello everyone, it's been so long since I've posted, I can't even remember the last time. I've been so busy at work but I do try to keep up with the site a few times a week.
Anyway, enough with the boring stuff. A few months back a friend asked if I could make two hunting knives, one for each of her sons for a Christmas gift. I told her yes of course and after a period of time I was rethinking that "yes" because I just hadn't found the time to even start one of them, let alone both. I called her and told her to have a plan "B" for the gifts, I wasn't sure if I would get them done!
Then all of a sudden here I am with the first one nearly complete and the second on its way to being done, not sure where I found the time(I think I was dogging it all summer, lol)
Still need to do a final cleanup on the first, but it's all but done, enjoy.



Wayne Bensinger

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Sorry guys, especially for the double picture, I'm real bad at posting with the pictures, I need a tutorial big time.
A little bit about the knife here;

-440C stainless
-Full tang
-304 stainless bolster, pinned on with a 3/32" brass strip
-G-10 three color camouflage handle material with s.s. bolts
-Finger hole works good for knife control(I received these blanks from Paul Ausbrooks over a years ago and finally used most of them)
-Hollow ground(man, that is tough on a blade with a very tight radius like that, whew!)
-Gut hook

like I said in the previous post, still needs a bit of cleanup, but it's close. Thanks all!