I can't sleep

Jeff Pearce

Every time I close my eyes I see flames and every little noise I jump out of the bed. We are living in a motel and out of our cars. Thanks for helping and letting me vent
God makes everything alright! A little prayer and faith will get you through this. Just as all is lost and you seam to be abandoned a small light will start to shine and you will find your way. You and the family are in my prayers. You are never alone, He watches over you and will carry you when you least think He is there.

I pray best at this hour every night. God Bless you and keep you all from harms way. Only He knows why and how. Look to Him and follow Him into the light.
The Lord says that the "prayer of a righteous man availeth much". (not a perfect man or a sinless man, Just one who loves God and strives to obey him) So the prayer coverage that George is laying down is very important. Many of us are praying for you......

I know you provided an address to ship goods to. Can you set up a way that we can pay pal you a little cash to help out? Maybe through your ebay store or something. I know some money for grub and other things might be a help right now.

Hang in there Jeff, it WILL get better.
Thanks my friends. I have told my wife I feel at peace for some strang reason. It must be god and all the prayers. I got a little sleep. Thanks again.
Still can't sleep. Another long night.

Go easy on yourself. The darn house just burned down and you, your family and i was glad to hear even your dogs & cats made it out alive!

Its normal to have a few mental stresses after something like that happens. LOL
Get some rest and let your mind, body & soul rest. You will soon have a new plan to come back better than before!
I could also send some paracord to that same address Jeff. If it would help. Just let me know what colors you want and I can get some to you.

Derek Lee