I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?


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I have a box of light green or it is called "jade green or "ghost green" by some, I happen to call it "Margarita Green". The box is a large flat rate completely full, weighing in at around 45 to 48 lbs, it will have one piece of 1 1/2'' thick material and 5 pcs of 3/4'' material cut just to fit inside the box. Your postman will be mad.

Rules are simple, your post number is your entry number, giveaway will last until we have a minimum of 100 posts, please do not post more than once. It is open to ALL dogs, including Tracy. After we hit around that number, I will use a random number generator to pick the number or ask a Mod to do it for us. Either way, what do you have to lose. Tell your friends over on that "other forum" to join up and feel free to make this thread their first post.

To all our International Members, you are eligible, BUT, you will have to pay the postage cost above 13.50 which is the cost of this box and I will only be able to ship you close to 20lbs, most of the time I have been able to hit 18lbs+, but with the smallest piece I have is 2.2 lbs then it is almost impossible to get more than 18. These pieces are already cut, so I do not have a choice to chop them in half to make it an exact 20. But heck, it is almost free to you.

Good Luck to All,:bud: Updated to give away yet another box (Details)
Here are a couple of knives made with it.




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Denny Eller

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I'm definitely in and thanks for the chance Jim. I think the Stag Handled Wharnie by Ray Cover is your favorite. Unique Knives: #10 Walden Press Button, #17 Sow Belly by M. Tison, #64 by RossDeutscher.
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I love this color material. I'm In!

Favorite Knife...
Stag Handled Wharnie
By Ray Cover
from 1200s

Thanks for the chance...
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Josh Dabney


What a cool giveaway !

I'm sure hoping to win even though I do have some that I haven't used yet.
It would be awesome to have a stockpile to randomly give away to other newbies friends and such.

Thanks alot for the chance, Josh

Chris Martin

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***Liner Lock by Michael & Junko Fong from Coop***


I am in buddy. Would be nice trying out other material. I have seen several different style blades with this G-11 and its awesome looking stuff.

Thanks and good luck to all.

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Dan Pierson

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Every so often I think that I should really try using this stuff. Knives made from it do look good. Guess this is a chance -- I'm in.