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I would like to take a moment to reflect on the loss of our soldiers in the recent Afghanistan chopper crash.

A Prayer:
Eternal Father; From the depths of my heart I was stunned by the news of the loss of our service members. The hurt and pain of these family members weighs heavily upon my conscious. Lord please extend to them a measure of comfort, and of understanding, and peace. Not just for these, but for all those effected by our current military efforts both at home and abroad. Lord help us all comprehend the depth of commitment and sacrifice and show gratitude towards those who serve. Let us also remember those who serve while not in uniform, in supporting those who go to war, and remain alone at home to tend to the needs of the family.
Father your compassion, your tender touch, your guiding hand, are all we need. We seek and ask these things in the name above all others, Jesus Christ. Amen.



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Well said.

Things hit home a bit when I heard the news report this morning that one of the servicemembers lost in the crash was a local from the Little Rock area. I do not recall his name, but it was announced that his mother had confirmed that he was one of the three Air Force members who was on the bird.

The sacrifice of these men and thier families will not be forgotten.

Fred Rowe

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With so many service members lost over the last ten years you would think we would be numb to the loss of life. But that's not true at all. Each one is a loss in itself, to their families, to there comrades in arms, to their country. I mourn each of them.

The loss of so many this weekend was especially tragic. They were our bravest and our best.

My heart goes out to their families, their comrades in arms and this country.

We should each take a moment to honor all of those who have been lost, Fred


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Amen, And thank you for your thoughts. My son Steven was killed in a Chinook. So this hit home in a mighty big way! Lots of bad memories coming back. Pray for the families, they will need it bad.