In Thanks and Remembrance!

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50 years ago I was 22 years old. I had got drafted in June of 1967. Before I had started my army basic training I was given an option to take an army school which would cost me another year of service or take my chances with what the army would give me as a draftee which probably meant I would go to Vietnam. Got my school and became a combat missile systems technician. Great job but there was no need for what I was trained in at this period of time. In order to get any kind of promotion in the army I had to change my job back to infantry. In August of 1969 I found myself in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Nice thing about going to Nam was an extra 50 bucks a month combat pay plus my regular salary of $297.00 a month as a buck sgt. This was all tax free money......

First photo is me on the left about 2 or 3 weeks after I arrived in Nam. We had just started digging in. The fellow on my right is Dave Prentice who was later killed on June 14, 1970. Next photo is of me after we just got snipped at a few minutes earlier. Some exciting times but for the most part very boring. Kind of like fishing and your the bait.

The outfit I was with actually developed a website. Here's some more photo's from Dave's page put up by his brother:



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Hats off to our Veterans...I was 10 years old in 1970 Raymond, I remember watching the war on the news every night. bad mixed up times then. one of my friends older brother came back in a wheel chair, I remember he was very bitter and wouldn't talk much afterwards. freedom damn ain't free.

I also remember the stories my uncle told of hand to hand combat on Iwo Jima when everyone ran out of ammo.
My father served in Europe fighting the Germans.
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Thanks to all my Brothers and Sisters who severed! And above all, Thank God for His Grace upon our nation and it's people. Today, thank a Vet for their service to our nation, and REMEMBER THOSE WHO GAVE ALL FOR OUR FREEDOMS!

Ed, Thank you! I remember you telling me at Blade about 15 years ago that you worked as a mechanic either for the air force or the army. How many of us shared that one room at the Sheridan back then?

Thank you for all the advise you have given to all of us!