Interesting Camillus Navy Knife- I wish it could talk

Bill Hubbell

I just got this knife from my sister, She deals in everything from antiques & collectibles to toys and techno. She always seems to think of me when it comes to knives (which I greatly appreciate). I'm not supposing this knife to be of great value, but it has character, and it's starting to 'grow on me'. Maybe someone here can share some knowledge about it.
It's obviously been re-handled, but the blade reminded me of an old stacked leather Navy knife we had around when I was a kid. At first I started to just critique the quality and thought that maybe some cheapy outfit may have bought a bunch of these govt surplus knives after the end of WWII- and then added stag handles and marketed them. I could see that occurring somewhere today in China or Pakistan. And that might be what took place. Or did some individual do the mods back in the day to create his own personal EDC?
Either way, I have gained more respect for the knife, seeing that someone actually carried this knife and worked it. It appears that the blade has been sharpened regularly, but not over-zealously. The sheath has conformed to the knife, like around the belt loop and retention strap areas, and the tip of the sheath is bent over, and actual beginning to be pierced through at the blade tip. I can't imagine how it would have been carried to do that, unless maybe stuck inside a boot. The scrimshaw doesn't look extremely detailed, but I don't know much about scrimshaw. There are some initials along the bottom of the picture.
Anyway- I just thought someone might find it interesting like I have, or maybe shed some light on my latest find.
Thanks guys, Bill
R in Sheath - Low Res.jpgR Side - Low Res.jpgBlade L - Low Res.jpgGrip R 1 - Low Res.jpgGuard - Low Res.jpgPommel -Low Res.jpgSheath Tip - Low Res.jpg

wall e

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It has a serious character to it for sure. If it could tell what it has seen there would be a heck of a long night.
The possibility of it being rehandled for some one who did the black powder ronney vu/trapper reenactments would fit with the stag and tacks adorned with the scrimshaw that would have been done during the long winter nights.
It is a unique collectable of one of a kind value.

Rick Otts

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They use to make some nice knifes back in the day.They also had a nice trout stream that ran right by their building.Loved to fish there as a kid.