Ive been a long time gone.


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WOW!! Calvin - I've been wondering where you were and thinking I might need to call and check on you. We're sure glad to have you back and helping use folks with knifemaking. You've always got GREAT ideas and showcase great looking knives, like that folder in your post.

J. Doyle

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Always like seeing your work Calvin. Hope you can find time to post here more. But life has it's way of getting in the way. ;)

Bill Hubbell

Hi Calvin-
I have been out of the KD loop for I guess over a year, and recently was drawn back. It felt good to find the group still here. I think it's a two-edged sword that attracts me to this site: 1. the ability to be present in a group of men with advanced knife-making skills, who are willing to gladly share their craft with others. 2. the ability to be part of a group of men faithful to Jesus Christ, who are willing to gladly share their Godly wisdom (think iron sharpening iron). This site and community is unique. And, guys like you Calvin, and all the others here, are the reasons why. Don't go getting big-headed on us! :) , but KD couldn't be the same without you.