KMG TX Video Review


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Back in November, when I was in one of my more "healthy" periods, Tim and I did this video review of the KMG TX grinder........ If you're in the market for a new grinder..... you won't find a better one than the KMG TX! If you happen to speak with the folks a Beaumont, let them know about this review/video.

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Daniel Macina

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That tab is really neat to tighten the tooling arm. I didn’t notice that they had that and I’ve never seen any other grinders that do.

Randy Lucius

Hi Ed! I’ve been saving for a grinder and shopping around. Had it narrowed down to three. After watching your review and how much you liked it looks like I’ve narrowed it to one. Thanks for the video. He needs to put you on sales commission. :)


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Great video review! I have been looking at the new TX but on their web page they don't offer a stripped down version.