Knife #2

Eric Poris

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Hey Dogs

Here is my second completed knife. I like the blade but think I my change the handle a bit to incorporate a striker end. First time using this color G10 so I really didn't know what to expect.

Steel: CPM 154CM HRC 60-61
Pins: 416 SS
Thong hole tube: Nickel Silver
OAL: ~11.5"
Blade Length: 6.5"
Thickness: .277" (she's thick but tough)
Weight: 302 Grams (10.65 oz)
Handle material: Green G10
Sheath: Concealex with small Tek-loc clip (when I find time)


Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

Carey Quinn

I think ya done good Eric. Those grind lines look super and from what I can see, you got the edge well centered.

Good job,

BossDog & Owner
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that's pretty good grinding for knife 200+, for number 2 it's amazing..nice job Eric..

Eric Poris

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Thanks guys
Funny thing is I think I'm more proud of the photos I took of it! lol!
Steve, your plastic basket trick worked really well.
Boss, it's really completed knife #2. Believe me when I say I have plenty of paper weights in my shop now hehe.

Erin Burke

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Not sure what Steve's plastic basket trick is... but if it helped you get grinds like those on your second knife, I think it's a trick I need to know. :3:

Steven Janik

The plastic box trick is just a large white Rubbermaid storage bin laid on it's side to create a makeshift light box. I put mine on my kitchen island with a hanging light directly above it. It diffuses the light and reduces the glare.

Eric, you need to come by and I'll give you a critter skin of some sort as a background.