Knife dogs/USAknifemaker 5th annual Hammer in last weekend in August

J. Hoffman

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Larry "John Henry" Franklin is going to have a hammering contest against Popeye! Winner gets a free can of spinach.


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Hey Guys,
We are counting down the days to the hammer in!!!!
Can you let me know if you will be here for Friday Fun?? Just trying to get a head count (or a close idea!)
See you next month!

BossDog & Owner
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We are really looking forward to this one...lots of knife knowledge going to be under one roof makes it really interesting. I learn a lot from each one of these. If you have never been to a hammer in, find a way to get to one.

Its going to be very tight spaces this year. We are full of people and the warehouse seems to keep getting smaller. Next year we will be at the new shop and will be looking at doing some other types of get togethers.

Justin Presson

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Got a room booked at the days inn the other night, 2 more days of work!

Newbie question here, since I have never attended a hammer in or anything do I need to bring some stuff, I assume gloves and other PPE...any material...??

J. Hoffman

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Justin, I usually try to bring something new I'm working on. I have several stick tang knives laying around in various stages of doneness (if that's a word). I've never completed one, but that's my goal for the weekend. Bring stuff you have completed and stuff you are maybe having trouble with. Someone will help you out. I need help making a left handed kydex sheath for one of my knives. I'm hoping someone can help me.

BossDog & Owner
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Reminder. Do not park in the lot next to our building. This is the 7up distributor and they will have activity all day Saturday and Sunday and require the entire lot for their semi's to turn around.

Parking will be in the street and try to give the 7up trucks room to get by.