Knife on the show Mentalist


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On the show Mentalist today I noticed a knife that looked like it was made by the Richardson in Missouri. The ones with the jeweling and the crown deer antler on them. It was a Bowie on a stand on a desk of someone they were investigating about a murder. "Knife not involved". My wife watches the show and I was walking thru the living room when that part showed and she run it back for me to look at. The episode was called Red Gold and first aired in 2011. Anyway just to say it was there, a handmade knife on the show.
Thanks everyone and hope I did not bother anyone with this useless info.



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Darn, I've been watching all day and didn't see that. Got a wicked sunburn so just watching television after work.

Sean Jones

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Out of curiosity we watched that episode tonight and spotted the knife. Not familiar with the maker but it's a nice looking knife, from what I could see. You must have a bigger screen.
I like the Mentalist...his sense of humor fits mine. :lol: