Knifemakers Guild updates


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Happy to announce a few things that happened at the ICCE show this weekend with regard to the Knifemakers Guild.

Board member elections were held at a business meeting Friday morning.

Todd Begg was elected president, replacing Gene Baskett.
Gary Langley was elected VP, replacing Wayne Hensley who withdrew due to declining health.
Jason Fry was elected to the board, replacing Bill Johnson who also withdrew due to health.
Gene Baskett was elected to the board to fill the spot vacated by Todd Begg.
Other board members who were not up for re-election are Les Adams, Charlie Mathews, and Edmund Davidson.

The Guild is thankful for the service of long time board members Wayne and Bill.

One immediate change that can be expected is a dramatic increase in communication from and within the Guild. I've been tasked with starting an email list, newsletter, and working on the website. You can expect better information flow from this point forward.
Jason Fry