Knifemakers' Holiday Blessing

Travis Fry

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I was thinking about what a blessing it is to be able to make knives, to have gotten to know so many wonderful people in the worldwide knifemaking community, and also about how short life really is, so I have composed the following Knifemakers' Holiday Blessing for all knifemakers everywhere:

May your head always be in the game and focused on the task at hand
May your eyes always be behind safety glasses
May your lungs be kept safe from toxic dust by a good respirator
May your hands not be mauled at the drill press by the whirling helicopter of death
May your knuckles avoid all moving grinder belts
May your fingertips not be severed by sharp blades or saws
May your internal organs not be skewered by buffer thrown blades
May your lower joints be cushioned by anti-fatigue mats
May your feet avoid splinters from 40 grit steel shavings
May your toes be neither squashed by dropped hammers nor burned by hot flux
And may your lives be filled with joy and peace and memories shared with loved ones.

Feel free to add additional or share as you wish.
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Brad Lilly

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May your band aids always be close at hand and never needed

Good job Travis.

Merry Christmas guys have a great one