Large saddlehorn slippy


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This is the larger of the saddlehorns that I make. 7 5/8 total length with a 4 inch handle, 3 1/4 inch blade. This one has amboyna burl on it.
It has a ground finish on the hollw grind and a satin finish on the bolsters. The flats have a high gloss finish.
No nail nick as requested by customer.
Thanks for looking

Calvin Robinson

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Very nice looking knife,but you scared me! The first thing I thought was,uhoh,he forgot the nail nick, because that's the kind of dumb mistakes I make.
I'm sure the customer will be very happy with that!


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Calvin I don't know why he didn't want the nail nick but he wanted it where he could squeeze the blade and open, but he also wanted it with a strong pull. It is about a 7 pull.
Thanks for the response.

Don Robinson

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Nice knife. Maybe your customer is like me. My nails break very easily. I use my thumb and forefinger to open the blade. The nail nick adds traction.