Latest acquisition. 100lb hammer


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With fall work almost done I can dedicate a little time to finishing my forging setup. Need to construct my forging press and build a larger forge. Optimistically be good to go by mid January.


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I for one can say, WOW what an awesome accomplishment!!! I know that living where I live, made it extremely
difficult for me to get one, every where I looked I could not find one I could afford, much less within a reasonable enough
distance from me. So, I changed my mind and direction a bit and went with a New Tire hammer, don't get me wrong you,
DID IT RIGHT! Even after having my Tire Hammer now for several years, and while I've learned it capabilities, I've also
had to learn it's INABILITIES! Well really, I'd say weaknesses and after taking some advice from an old friend,
I reshaped my dies, to give them a slight taper, where they were slightly rounded, advice I should have taken years ago!
Later, I found and followed the instructions from Don Hanson III website, he gives specific, step by step
instruction for how to forge out a Bowie and a fillet knife, the single most incredible set of instruction for how to forge a knife
out that I've ever seen, well, as it is specific, I should include for a power hammer! If you haven't looked into this set of
instructions, then I highly recommend it, here's a link:
[CODE][B][URL=""][COLOR=#778899][I]Forging two knife blades
with a 100 lb.
Little Giant Power Hammer 
Don Hanson's Shop[/I][/COLOR][/URL][/B]

Checkout this link and let me know what you think, this is for you and anyone else that needs to a fresh look at the possibilities with
a POWER HAMMER! Especially one with this kind of power, as you probably have already installed it, I hope you got the correct information required, when you are preparing a Forging Hammer of this size, the correct way you install a power hammer of this size!
Here is another link to the way Don installed his based on the directions from Hank Knickmeyer.
Installing a 100 POWER HAMMER http://

I want to make sure you paid special attention to Don's Power Hammer Pad, when he was POURING IT! It's (the best I can tell from the PHOTO), approx., a foot to a foot & a half DEEP! Possibly more, as you really can't see the bottom of it, not knowing the specifics, as to what the recommendations, that I believe are what are considered standard, and I'm not sure if that comes from Hank Knickmeyer or it they are the original instructions from Little Giant, I do know that if you didn't do what's recommended, you will DESTROY YOUR FLOOR! If not immediately, then eventually...,and don't think a dirt floor works very well, as over time it will get low on one side making it unstable, and it can be dangerous! To the point of falling, these are very heavy at the base, so I don't know if it's too top heavy, but to be on the SAFE SIDE, I would follow the recommendations, even if I had to cut my floor to dig it out! ONLY, to RE-POUR IT! But you will never have to worry about it busting your floor! And that alone is huge, the cost and work of a new floor is incredible! Like most floors, there is probably the least amount of expansion joints in it as possible, (unless you live some where with a known type of unstable ground that has made it expected practice to do something like adding extra expansion joints), unfortunately it isn't a practice here, I was even concerned about my Tire Hammer busting my floor, but according to the guy that built mine, he said a thick rubber pad was all I really needed, I brought up what I had learned from this site, and he kinda chuckled, and said, "Son, this ain't no POWER HAMMER!", super cool guy that really knows his stuff! I would really like to know what you think of these web pages, of course you know how much I like them, I'm interested to see if anyone else got as much as I have, I still go back to them, just to see if there is anything I may have missed, the first time I did that, I realized that I meant to make the same type of hand tools Don is using, anyone with basic skills should be able to make these types of tools, they do not have to be pretty, they ONLY have to be functional!
OK, Unbelievably, I started all of this after eating Thanksgiving Dinner, it's now a quarter after 1:00! I totally forgot I didn't send this!!
I'll see if I can, if I can't....,it'll be tomorrow


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Dang! That was quite the informative response. There's lots of things to take into consideration dealing with one of these big hammers. Fortunately I know a guy that has plenty of experience with large hammers. He is a wealth of knowledge. I appreciate all input cause I need all the help I can get.