Let's talk EDC...


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I always have a primary EDC which is usually on the large side, a back-up EDC (translation: package opener/anything dirty that I don't want to dirty or dull my primary EDC with), and a multi-tool EDC. (I won't even bring up firearm EDC). I even have a keychain EDC! Here are mine:

Primary: Spyderco PM2 on rotation with SOG Seal XR
Backup: Spyderco Delica 4
Multi-tool: Leatherman Surge
Keychain: Leatherman Squirt ES4 (the wire-stripper version which, sadly, they discontinued)
Okay, you twisted my arm... Firearm EDC: H&K P30SK

What is everyone else's EDC lineup?

Mister Coffee

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Primary: Spyderco Police 4 in VG-10 or Spyderco Endura 4 K390
Backup: I haven't decided on one yet. Maybe a Spyderco Delica 4 in 20cv.

I rarely use a knife when I'm out and about, so I carry just for fun.

Note: What's a firearm? I'm in California.


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I carry one of my own straight knives, cpm154 amboynia burl scales but I’m about to change up. I’ve been carrying this one for about 6 years and use it a lot and it’s getting beat looking…too me anyhow. Firearm is a Ruger SR40, never leave home without it

Sean Jones

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I carry a Benchmade Torrent and a Swiss Army camper model. No backup blade as such. Just those two.
I also sometimes carry a flashlight and sometimes a side-arm. Mostly a S&W M&P Shield in 9MM


New here, haven’t been to the intro section yet. Saw this thread first and I always like a good EDC discussion.

My EDC is the classic Kabar and a Leatherman Rebar.

My Kabar is mostly used for digging, scraping, chopping small roots, small limbs, light prying, cutting tubing. Leatherman should be kinda self explanatory.

Rooty tooty point and shooty is a 44 mag Ruger SBH in the woods, Ruger LC9s pro in town and FNS9 when traveling. Gators, bear, two legged predators. They don’t call it Gunroe these days for nothing (I’m just north of Monroe LA, well out in the sticks).