Lock back

D Whitt

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This is my latest knife..... lock back with very dark cocobolo handles and nickel bolsters the liners are brass and the blade is 1095 this knife turned out really nice it has a nice crisp snap when it locks with zero blade play I’m very proud of this knifeB61563FF-ECD4-4EAE-865D-244C55538282.jpegBE75D6F8-F962-4C71-8939-B1593C2CDDC4.jpeg9C7A710A-374B-4724-A5B9-3575FFE6E61E.jpeg2475CE54-04DC-4FFA-96BA-6E5D38BB2460.jpegB05894E7-7935-4C83-B385-F6E8EED69B53.jpeg276B6A92-D6D6-4910-A6ED-EB3BA822FBA9.jpegE9FB46CC-12A7-434B-AE02-C802523F18C0.jpeg