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I have been approached by several makers about designing logos, doing web site work, and creating Maker's Marks.

I really know very little about the Maker's Marks. They are done with laser, acid, etching, or stamps... I think. Some use stencils...

Can someone please enlighten me and point me in the right direction to offer the best design and reproduction method that makers can use themselves in-house?


Steven Janik

Hey Rock,
I just pushed this next post to the top for you to peruse. It doesn't answer your questions outright, but I thought you might want to see it.

Allen Newberry

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Most makers marks are done by electrochemical etching with the use of stencils. Many who forge blades use a stamp that is hammered or pressed in.

Sean Cochran

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Most makers use electro etch stencils in conjuction with an etching machine. There are several manufacters of these, the personlizer and marking methods come to mind.
If you are inclined to make your own Chris Crawford has a very good tutorial.

As for the stencils and some design input, I highly reccomend Ernie Grospitch.

Hope this helps.

David Broadwell

Hey Rock,

The other guys are correct, most of us electrically etch our logos on our blades or stamp them. However, from your perspective as a graphic artist and designer it doesn't make any difference. My logo, the special "B", was designed by my wife, and the original art work was sent in to the stencil maker (Marking Methods in my case). She also sent it to Tandy Leather years ago and had a large leather stamp made, and I believe I have a rubber stamp for ink. That same art work could be sent into a custom stamp maker if I wanted to hammer my mark in place, or to the companies who make stencils for acid etching. Probably the only thing you need to take into consideration is the fine detail work that might show up well on a large etched mark, but get fuzzy on a small one or not show up at all on a stamped mark. All of the companies or individuals that make stencils, stamps, etc. should be able to take your art work and make their products.



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I was good on the graphic end of it, David, and had a very basic knowledge of the process. I'd just wondered if it was something I might want to delve into as a sideline to my business or if I should do the artwork and send them elsewhere.

Thought I'd share these links that were recommended;

TUS Technologies

Marking Methods

For custom steel stamps for metal, leather, etc.:

Henry A. Evers


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I just had Ernie Grospitch make this from a drawing i sent him today . My new makers mark . Took me a long time to come up with this. I really like it and Ernie did a awesome job. KELLYW


I'd recommend Ernie as well. Like Kelly said, even if you don't have a logo you can send him some drawings or ideas and he'll help you out. He did the same for me. 90%+ of mine I just stamp my initials, but on the few that require an etch Ernies stencils can't be beat.
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