Market research!

Hi all!
I'm looking to start a small knife-centric business on the side of my current job, and was hoping to get some insight into what knife buyers like best. If you could help me out by taking this brief survey, that would be great!

Thanks in advance,



"The Montana Bladesmith"
The good thing about knives and knife buyers, is that there is a WIDE array of likes as well as price ranges. Market places can range from a local flea market, to the high end, full blown Knife shows around the country.

Knives are somewhat unique in the marketplace in that they are not like any other product. You don't "just make a knife" and it sells. Its as much about the knifemaker as it is about the knives. That means to have a measure of success, you need to get your name, and your knives out there, and build a following.

The biggest down side to being a knifemaker is the fickle nature of the market..... In general terms, nobody NEEDS a custom knife. It is a luxury item, and therefore, more often then not the purchase of a custom knife is based on an individual's disposable income. If an individual does not have, or perceives they do not have disposable income, custom knife sales slump. Right now it a particularly tough time, which I think is directly related to the low oil prices, and all the people who have been laid off or lost their jobs in the oil industry. Sounds crazy, but thats how this business works. Often times knifemakers are at the very long end of a "trickle down" money situation.