May 6th house fire

Jeff Pearce

Our home is almost finished we should be able to move back home early next month. We are so ready. I can restart my business again. It's been hard with no work for almost 5 months. I will be holding a custom knife sell soon to help pay some bills. I want to thank everyone for the prayers kind words and donations . It means more that you know
Yes that is good to hear. This has been a life changing experience I bet. You guys lived through it all. Congrats on the new house and everything coming your way.
The first picture is the house almost done. The others are of the house right after the fire. It took the whole back side and second story off. My knife shop. What wasn't burnt was destroyed by waterrsz_img_4548.jpgrsz_img_2979.jpgrsz_img_2588.jpg