Message from Grandpa Ray

Diamond G Knives

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Congratulations Ray!!!

Please pass on our congratulations to you Daughter and Son in law.

Im sure you are counting the days till you get to cross "the pond" to see her!
Gonna love those flights!

God Bless

Tim Musselman

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Congratulations Ray --- I'm 61 1/2 and still waiting for the first one maybe there is hope. But I want to get the daughter out if the house first.


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Congratulations Ray, that is great news. I remember when I first became a Granddad, I was a little concerned because it just sounded so old, but now it is wonderful to hear. :) Congrats again.

David Wesner

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How Cool :bud:

Sorry I missed this early on Ray :eek:

A belated congratulations to Momma, Pappa, little Kylie, and of course you, Grandpa Ray cool 1

happy bday

jim moyer

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Here I am 62 5/8 years old and I finally become a Grandpa! We received a phone call from Mossan in Tokyo just after 11pm PST that Meggan gave birth to Kylie after 7 hours labor. Mother, daughter, and Mossan are all doing fine!

Thank you Lord for this fine granddaughter!

Good for you Ray.............


Congrats on the grandbaby. My dad was so excited when I had my son.

Phil Dwyer

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Greetings tutu kane. Bless you and yours. Safe journeys and happy days in Japan with your dear kin folk.
Congrats Ray. Grandkids are great. You can spoil them rotten and then send them home. Have fun in Japan. Hope to see you at the Dec Show.