Miller Boning - filet Knife...

Von Gruff

That is a very nice knife and the sheath really complements it but when you say it is a boning and filliting knife my first thought was to ask if there was any flex in the blade for filliting and if flex woud compromise some of the boning capabilities.


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It has some flex but not what you would find in a traditional fillet knife, hence the... / boning knife.
where I live and sell most of this style knife there is fresh water fishing but 99.9 percent is salt water.
the gulf of Mexico is only a couple miles from me and most of the fishing is for large fish here, grouper, snook, redfish, and they come big.

While I call it a fillet / boning knife, it's whatever the person handling it feels it would be best used as for them....
you could fillet a grouper with it today, cut a wedding cake with it tomorrow, and then put it away till Thanksgiving to carve the turkey. :D

Von Gruff

I thought that may have been the case as I have been asked to do a slghtly stiffer blade for larger sea fish and it woud also work for a similar range of tasks as you have noted.