milling table or vise for drill press?


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i want to add a milling table ( correct name?) to my drill press, i honestly dont know what i will do with it yet, but it will probably have some pretty awesome uses!

thats my drill press


the table of the drill press is 9.5" on the outside and 7.5" on the inside(the mounting part)

is that worth (read: powerful enough) for the upgrade and its uses?

if so, i have the choice of getting a table, not so sure about size but big enough if not bit too big, and i have the choice of buying a cross slide vise

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Brad Lilly

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Drill presses are not built heavy enough for side loading like a mill. If you do go this route I would only use it for softer metals (brass, nickle silver, etc) and go slow with light cuts. I considered doing this once but I lucked into a cheap mill

Steven Long

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SHOKR, if you do buy one, make sure it will fit on your drill press table and still give you enough room for different size bits. I bought a cross sliding vise (somewhat like a mill table I think) for my bench top drill press, and the table on the drill will not go far enough down to give the clearance needed to use longer bits (the vise is just too tall). I think the shortest bit that will fit is 1/8", if that. The others are just too long. Not sure if this will be a problem with what you are looking for, but something to consider before dropping the money on it.


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I wouldn't ask that little drill press to do anything but drill straight holes.

As Brad stated, it's not strong enough. Even milling just brass on that little thing would give you what they call "Run Out" in the spindle Very quickly and wreck it!

Let that drill press do it's job and add in a mill with a X & Y table at a later date.



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Thanks guys, thats a pass on the vise and table then!

Steven, that was actually pretty good tip, was just considering base size, not height, thanks!

Rudy Joly

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I wouldn't bother with the cross slide or the table for all the reasons stated.
That drill press wouldn't last too long. Even a small milling table weighs more than your drill press. If your chuck is mounted on a tapered spindle, the chuck will fly off sooner than later and probably never re-allign right again. I still haven't found a practical use for my cross slide vise yet, hand operations are much faster.


Frank Niro

Hi SHOKR. A good milling table would certainly cost you several dollars. Those cheap ones have so much play and extra movement they sure wouldn't be of much use.. Frank


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I have a small cross slide vise for my drill press. It is set up to quickly bolt to the drill table. They are great for holding things firmly in place and getting it well centered under the drill. Wouldn't mill with it, but, glad I have it. What you have pictured is just a small machinist vise. It would be excellent for holding things rigidly in place to drill. A cross slide vise looks like this.{keyword}&gclid=CK6srNLZ9rQCFQcHnQodanAAeQ


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thanks, thats the one i own
i was asking about getting a cross slide or table, but for milling purposes, but i got the advice to pass and i will :)