Multi Position Belt Attachments

Jim Levite

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I have 10 BRAND NEW Multi Position Belt Attachments for sale. I bought way more than I can use for a while. These are awesome for kydex holsters, sheaths, or anything you can think of. Made of an indestructible polymer.
Combination Belt Slide is made to work with 1.5" or 1.75" wide belts. The small footprint works perfectly.
The primary mounting holes are a 3 hole wide by 2 hole high pattern (3/4" on center just like Blade Tech Tek Lok spacing). The secondary holes above allow for cant adjustment and are 3/8" on center. When mounting with one of the cant adjustment holes simply rotate the Belt Slide until one of the primary mounting holes line up.
The belt slots are 1/4" wide and sized to fit most popular nylon and leather gun belts. On the back side of the Belt Slide you'll find recessed screw mounting holes so there is zero chance of hardware coming in contact with the user. PRICE IS $60 ppff SHIPPED. PM IF INTERESTED


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