My first backpacking tent! Vargo Stove, Fatwood, and Brass Zippo action!

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  1. Junglas

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    I usually car camp and bring really heavy gear with me, but this summer I decided to venture deeper into the woods and try to see what lies beyond the road. At 5 lbs this tent isn't considered "ultra light" by any means. Next time I'm going to leave the tent pegs and tent footprint at home to save space.

    In the video, we backpacked to a place in Southern California called Little Jimmy Campground. The only water came from a natural spring! We found fatwood, the Sikly BigBoy made sawing firewood really easy. I also tested out a Vargo Titanium stove with mixed results.

    What I really like about this tent is that it's relatively light, waterproof to a high rating, and lots of ventilation. The rain fly goes all the way down and helps keep the wind out, big plus for me since I get cold easy. Only negative for me is that there's only one door so it's hard not to disturb your tent mate.

    For me, it's the perfect size for my me and my girlfriend. I like keeping my gear inside the tent and leave our boots in the vestibule right outside the front door.

    If anybody is interested here's the video review:
  2. John Wilson

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    Very nice.

    I love camping, and my favorite way to do it is backpacking. Call me crazy, but I have no desire to go the 'ultralight' route. I live deep in Florida where the bugs will eat you alive, so the ultralight "sleep on a trash bag under a tarp" is not happening. I have been using a hammock tent for several years and I couldn't be happier. That tent of yours looks great. Around here, ventilation is the name of the game.
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  3. Junglas

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    You're not crazy brother, I just suck at hiking! lol I'm really bad, women pass me up on the trail. I'll have to try hammock camping, my little brother does it and he says its the way to go. Yeah I'm with you when it comes to those "ultralight tarp" shelters, I don't know how those guys do it.
  4. John Wilson

    John Wilson Well-Known Member

    Well, I guarantee I'm not hiking as far as most people, either. I know the old adage "ounces equal pounds, and pounds equals pain" but I figure that if I'm walking far enough that cutting the handle off my toothbrush makes a difference, then I'm walking too far. It's time to find a river and use a canoe! I love the outdoors, I just don't think the outdoors requires all that much walking.

    The handy thing about camping in Florida is you don't need to pack water if you have a filter, so long as you are inland away from the salt. Water is everywhere. That is a huge reason for the hammock. Many times in the bush, finding a dry spot to camp is the issue- and surprise torrential rains. Hammock solves all of that. Of course, if the object is to have some "together time" with your girlfriend, the hammock is not so handy!
  5. Junglas

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    lol, you had cracking up! I have some family living in Florida and he told me last year he found an alligator in his backyard! The water filter tip is a really good one! I've been doing that on my last few hikes. But wouldn't you believe it, on my last trip I forget my water filter by the river and lost it out there! lol I would love to do a canoe trip one day, from what i've seen it looks awesome.

    Where I live, we have to hike uphill into the mountains to find any peace and quiet. It's a coastal desert and if you want wooded areas, we have to go high into the mountains. So if anyone wants to camp in peace, then we have to lace up our hiking boots.

    @John Wilson I really appreciate your comments and enjoyed reading them greatly! Are you on instagram by any chance?
  6. John Wilson

    John Wilson Well-Known Member

    No, I'm not on instagram. I think I'm one of the last three people who aren't.

    I envy your camping spots. I'll be you guys have the greatest night sky. The last time I went camping out west was in northern New Mexico up in the high desert. The night sky was so clear - it was the closest thing I ever saw to seeing the stars from way out at sea on a darkened ship. I miss that. The air here is so thick with humidity that you only see deep stars on a clear winter night when the air is dry.
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  7. Junglas

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    You should check out Instagram, just to look at the pictures. Some really beautiful photos on there and I've found lots of new campsite on there.

    I haven't done much camping in the desert yet, but I really need to. There's Joshua Tree national park not too far away, I hear spring time when the cactus flowers are in bloom is a good time.

    I've seen some videos on the wilderness/outdoors in New Mexico and it looks awesome! I love star gazing too, it's a free IMAX movie!
  8. John Wilson

    John Wilson Well-Known Member

    Northern New Mexico begins to get green, and more so as you close in on the Colorado border. Just unbelievable beautiful country. Me being from the coast all my life, altitude and dry air are things I am not acclimated to. I'd be the worst hiker you've ever seen up in high country. I go to Denver and have a hard time climbing stairs!

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