My first hidden tang!


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hey guys i haven't posted here in FOREVER! but heres my latest work :)

so i finally got around to making a hidden tang. it was quite the journey! took me a tremendous amount of time to make as it felt as though i had started knife making all over again. each little thing on this knife was essentially brand new to me, and it was an absolute blast to make. i have to hand it to people like nick wheeler and will morrison, both for their excellent WIPS and advice, although especially for nicks incredible yotube channel. i plan on making a ALOT more hidden tangs in the future. the first one was a challenge and I'm now aware of my shortcomings as a maker and can really focus my attention to those areas, theres allot for me to improve and I'm excited about every step of the way. haven't got a name for this one yet but I'm open to ideas! I'm partial to (non cheesy) dog related names lol :unintroduced:

critique is much appreciated, thanks!

.25" thick 1084 from aldo
416 spacers and pin stock.
g10 spacers
press fit guard
fluted spacer
peened and polished pin
3A hawaiian Koa from my buddy pete
dog legged handle etc....

oh and one of my little field knives in matching Koa :madaddy:

And heres a video for a close up!


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Not bad at all, actually it's an interesting curvy piece, and i really dig the somewhat exotic shapes it displays