My Knife Collection 1by1 [pic heavy]



Hi to all you knife enthusiasts :)

I like to share my collection with you all. Not all knives are that special, but I try to make the pictures as atractive as posible since photography is my hobby and Graphic Design/Image Editing is my profession. Essecialy in combination with knives its a great way of wasting my time :D. Some of the knives are vintage, some are used as EDC. Now a days I am mostly into heavy (tactical) folders. But when a nice opportunity comes a long to purchase a vintage PUMA, Al Mar, Buck or Gerber etc, I wont hesitate.

I only own factory models, mostly folders, and I have no plans (yet) for a 'Custom'.
Hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

FOLDERS 'General'

Fox Cultlery • 577 1994

Fox Cultlery • 594 1994

Böker Solingen • Optima 'Grey Bone' 2000

Buck Knives • Alpha Dorado 154CM 'Bos'

Opinel • Eff.12 'Slim Line' How can something so cheap be so pretty (and tall).

I gave the next two knives a little more attention. They are true HQ factory models. Esspecialy the Böker Solingen top-line is sometimes to be forgotten. The Solingen line is of much higher guality than the Böker Plus line wich comes from Taiwan or China. The 'Rukus' is my current EDC knife. In my perception it is almost the perfect design.

Böker Solingen • Titan Defender

Benchmade • 610 Rukus EDC

FOLDERS 'Tactical'

CRKT • M16-14M As can be seen, this has been my EDC for 7 years.

Extrema Ratio • R.A.O.

Extrema Ratio • M.P.C.

Pohl Force • H3 Alpha Two

Benchmade • 760bk LFTi

Spyderco • Millitary Digi Camo

Zero Tolerance • 0301

Familyshot ;-)

FOLDERS 'Vintage'

In my collection are some nice HQ folders wich cost some serious amount of money. In the end I would sell them all for what reason that might come up (hope not). Except for 2 knives. My PUMA '970 Game-Warden' and the Al Mar 'SERE Attack II'. They are very special to me and I will never sell or use them. They are the founding fathers of my love for knives in general and my collection.

Puma Solingen 740-4Star 1980

Puma Solingen • 970-Game Warden 1983

Puma Solingen • 900-Earl 1984

Puma Solingen • 895-Lord 1985

My 3 small Stag/Hirschhorn PUMA's. '84, '85, '80

Puma Solingen • 705-4Star 1990

Puma Solingen 725-4Star 1996

The 4-Star twins

My Yearchart

Smith & Wesson • Maverick Sportsman Series 1982 This was my second EDC in the 80's.

SOG • S6 Stingray Late 80's

Al Mar • SERE Attack Nr.3002a 1989 > 1991

Al Mar • Quicksilver Nr.2003 Late 80's early 90's

My 2 Al's in the sunshine


Victorinox • Swiss Champ 2e generation - '88 > '91

Victorinox • Swiss Champ 3e generation - '91 > '95

Victorinox • Swiss Champ 4e generation - '95 > '05

Victorinox • Climber

Victorinox • Director Special Edition, late 70's.

Amefa • DAK Royal Dutch Army '84

Wenger • EvoGrip 18


Cold Steel • Trail Master VG1 Lamminated

Spyderco • Woodlander

TOPS • Wolf Pup Necker

Trail Master & Woodlander

Some extra pics... JUST ENJOY!!!

Thats all for now folks, hope to show more new knives in the future :D

Thank you for your time to watch them! I'll keep on adding (new) pics.

Greets to you all, Wouter!
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That's a good lookin collection you have there. I'm particularly fond of the S&W Maverick. My father carried that same knife from the time I was about five til about five years ago (approximately 30 yrs) when he lost it. He was extremely upset when he lost it.

Prince of Peace

Thank you so much for sharing. I truly enjoyed looking at your beautiful knives.
Some folders you own would pass for fixed blades too! The Extreme Ratio and the ZT-0301 are both over the top in bulk and tight tolerances. Just wonderful to see the whole lot! Makes me want to buy more knives!



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Very nice collection. Photos are top notch too. Probably should add a "Bump" to keep the guy happy and help the US economy?


My KNife Collection

You have an outstanding collection, if photography is your hobby is like saying Ansell Adams was an average photographer. What type of equipment do you use? Also, I am new to this forum, I posted some photos earlier today and it would only let me put 5 photos on my post, how did you get all your photos on your thared?


SERE: You have an outstanding collection, if photography is your hobby is like saying Ansell Adams was an average photographer. What type of equipment do you use? Also, I am new to this forum, I posted some photos earlier today and it would only let me put 5 photos on my post, how did you get all your photos on your thared?
Thank you for your kind words. Photography realy is only a hobby. I use a rather simple compact camera. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FS3 (2 years old) with a Leica optical zoom lens. But my shots do not come out of my camera like this. Since I am a Graphic Designer/Image editor by profession, Photoshop is like my second nature. So part of the result is due to this part.

Bout your image up-loads... I dont know where you store your images. I use I can ad as many as I like when opening a tread here on Knifedogs or anywhere else. (exept British Blades)

I usualy prepare my treads on my Mac in a simple text program where I write my text and already copy-paste the
before posting it. So give it another trie, good luck.

Cheers, Wouter


My third ER: Nemesis / Faida

My latest tactical accession in the Extrema Ratio 'Heavy Duty Folder' series.

•Overall lenght: 260 mm
•Blade lenght: 115 mm
•Blade thickness: 6 mm ricasso to near the point 3,5 mm
•Blade steel: N690
•Style: Sabre Convex Grind
•HRC: 58
•Weight: 225 gr
•Handle Material: AnticorodalFinishing and Coating: Anodized Handle

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Fällkniven ~ PXL Ivory Micarta

One of the most beautifull folders I own. Rather expensive, even in Europe, since Fällkniven has driven up their pricing. But it is more than worth it. This is a true beauty and perfect for EDC'ing. Thats the first reason why I bought it. Enjoy the pics.

Total length: 7.83" (199 mm)
Length folded: 4.37" (111 mm)
Blade length: 3.46" (88 mm)
Blade thickness: .14" (3,5 mm)
Weight: 6.2 oz (176 g)
Steel: 3G
Hardness: 62 HRC
Handle material: Ivory Micarta
Locking: Liner lock



Sprint Run: Spyderco Manix 2 CF S90V

•Blade Steel: S90V
•Length Overall: 8 in. (203 mm)
•Blade Length: 3 3/8 in. (86 mm)
•Length Closed: 4 5/8 in. (117 mm)
•Cutting Edge: 2 7/8 in. (73 mm)
•Weight: 5 oz. (143 g)
•Hole Diameter: 9/16 in. (14 mm)
•Blade Thickness: 1/8 in. (3 mm)
•Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
•Extra: Only 400pc produced



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Nice. I really like the old SERE. I let mine go and regret it. A real monster of a knife, and as well mede as any I have ever handled.


Great collection! I have a Puma 970 also #41272 that I bought right after I enlisted in the Army in 1972. Carried it just about evry day for the next 15 years. Still use it occassionally and it still looks great. Puma really hold up well.


Benchmade 755 MPR

My latest one to join my EDC rotation. I love it so far. Very sturdy and indeed overbuild. Its a pleasure to hold and use it. I dont use the clip but left in on the knife and put it straight in my pocket.

Benchmade 755 MPR
  • Series: Blue Class
  • Lock Type: Mono-Lock
  • Blade Style: Tactical Drop-Point
  • Blade Material: M390 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium and G10 handles

  • Overall Length: 6.9"
  • Closed Length: 3.8"
  • Blade Length: 2.90"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.164"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.610"
  • Blade Hardness: 60-62 HRC
  • Weight: 5.50oz.

3 of the EDC rotators

Combinations I prefer with the BM755

Thanks for watching :D