My latest folder.

Calvin Robinson

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I finished this today, it will be with me at The Blade Show. The pictures don't do it justice, come see it in person.

Integral frame of 416 stainless steel with blacklip pearl inlayed and a 410 stainless steel lock inlayed with two 0-80 flathead machine screws securing it. The blade is 13-c-26 stainless steel, 2 5/8" long and .075" thick. The knife closed is 3 11/16" long and 5/16" thick. It weighs 2.5 oz. All screws are 0-80 size. The bolsters are finished with a 1000 grit hand rubbed finish, the blade is finished at 400 grit, hand rubbed as well.
Ya'll enjoy,
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HHH Knives

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Cal, Thats slick! I really like the lines on this one alot! I bet it dont stay on the table for long!! Good luck at BLADE this year sir!

Calvin Robinson

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That's a very nice knife! It looks like file work on the spine? Would love to see photos if that's the case.

What you see is the jeweled finish that I put on the inside of the liners, you can just barely see the inside edge of the liner in this photo.