My Ontario Knife collection, so far.


Please let me preface this by stating I am an old poot knife collector on SSI. Not complaining, I am blessed. I love knives and wanted to collect something affordable but pretty good quality. I am sure I will get some disagreement on my selection, but I really like the Ontario Rat 1&2 knives and I am always searching on the internet for variations I don't have. That is part of the fun for me. I need (want) more Rat 2's as I only have 2. I have other knives that I have decided to sell off or trade for more Ontarios, fixed and folding, to concentrate on Ontarios only. The search continues. Oh well, here they are so far. Have fun and happy collecting guys and gals. Mike in Missouri PS Wifey thinks I'm nuts. LOL001.JPG006.JPG