"My very first knife" - post up!


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Here are mine

The Hunter/ Skinner in my hand is my first. The Kitchen knife is my second, made it for my wife. I have a few in various stages. Thanks for the thread and the help Bruce.

The last one is my 5 year olds first design, I made it for his B-Day coming up.


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Bruce Bump

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Thanks for showing your firsts. I like all three. what kind of steel is the one you made for Bly? :)


I've been on the forums for a while but i've not posted yet. This looks like a good place to start!
I started with pre-made blanks and made my first from scratch in Dec 2014. But i don't have pics!

Anyway, here are my second and third done at the same time around a year ago:

... and here are my most recent two done last month:


I think I've done about 15 now and i'm just starting to not be embarrassed by them! But hey gotta learn somehow. Glad to see this thread pop up.

Bruce Bump

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Nice work Ryan,
Its amazing to see you make a folder after only so few fixed blades. It took me years to attempt a folding knife.


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New to the forum and thought i would throw my first ever and most recent out there for everyone to see. Love seeing every ones hard work on here. My first was a 1095 hunter with some black oak scales and red liners, the second is also 1095 this time a bird and trout with zebra wood and blue liners
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Jesse Latham

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Thanks Bruce, I donated that one to the Safari Club to sell at the local banquet. It raised $250.00, not bad for a paring knife in a group of big game hunters.

Bruce Bump

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Im always happy to see this thread back to the top again. Please post early knives here without fear of critique. We all started somewhere and I'm convinced its in our blood to make another and another. The first ones are not going to be pretty as a general rule but with each knife they get just a tad better and better.
Hmmm... not getting the photobucket to thumbnail thing, so the picts are going to be a bit BIG! (pre-sent apologies!)

Number 1 - a hand filed file - bird cleaning tool & little more


#2 - My Shoot! knife - (it was going to be a chute knife, but I kept having to say SHOOT!)


#3 - Almost... I almost got this one right; cable Damascus & Russian Olive Handle (is dry again, looks better freshly oiled)


God Bless,

Ty Adams

My first knife made in Feburary of this year. It is from 1095 and green micarta scales.IMG_20160707_181747759.jpg It will not stay sharp but it does a good job of cutting sand paper.
Knife #8 finished this weekend. IMG_20160821_113425286.jpg


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Wow Bruce 88 huh? That's the year I was born! :biggrin: justin shows I have a long way to go.
Here is my first "knife" not really a knife cause it's HD steel


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Here's mine. 1971. 7 1/2" blade made from file. The grip was made from Sambar stag purchased from Bo Randall.



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Made as a toy for my son based on a jimmy forests video a little over a year ago on my bandsaw and belt sander from a scrap of oak that was lying around the garage plan to make a real one soon (probably not for the 11 year old though).


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in all it's hideous glory, my first completed knife.
Nickel silver bolsters with SS pins, uneven pins in the scales with a horrible convex grind to boot. Then there is the sheath, dipped in wax/oil to harden it. If it gets warm, it sweats. Perfect.

It looks and feels like a prison shank...

first knife.jpg