Neck Knives - CPM-3v

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Here's a couple neck knives I made as presents for some female family members. The steel was actually extra from a plate I had left over from getting water jet cut for some other pieces. It was hard to see the steel go to waste so I pulled what I could and decided to play around a bit. These are my first "collaborative" pieces I've done. My wife wanted to design the necklace and sheaths as they were for her side of the family.

Steel: CPM-3v 3/16" thick 1.75" edge
Hardened: 60hrc
Handle: Turquoise or Resin casted with colorant (self made)
Sheath: Kydex with leather cover
Necklace: hand made by a local BEAUTIFUL artist, my wife.



Self Made Knives

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Nice! As guys, we would have just used paracord or ball chain, but she put a really nice touch to it. I can see how these would appeal to the ladies waaaay more. Also nice to find a way to include your wife in this hobby.