Need help for choosing for Damascus steel.

Hello I need help for nice duo for forged welding Damascus steel

The Steel I can buy in this country not much. And I learning about knife making on internet ,

here steel list I have 51200, 5155, 1050, w1, o1, L6

I found in knife making book tell me o1/L6. Can do nice Damascus.

Maybe I gonna buy L6. For can change to L6/1050, L6/5160 L6/w1. ???

I trying forged welding. 1050/junk leaf springcar(5160?) It nice looking Damascus.

Plese forgive me for Very bad English.
Thank you

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I also have a question about Canister Damascus. When you get powdered steel, which is best to use when mixing with small 52100 chrome shot? I sell the shot but need good recommendations on what kind of powdered steel would be best to offer ina combo pack.