never rains but it pours....


So...I have a graduation knife for a senior to finish. He's a great kid that has overcome a lot of issues and a good friend. he's also a knife nut. he has steadily bought in an upward path from gas station knives to decent quality Wal-mart knives. I decided to make him one of my EDC fixed blade knives to jump start him into custom buying lol!

I took way longer working on handles because I engraved his name on one scale and initials of the one year bible college he is going to in the mountains of Montana next year on the other one. no problem...that was yesterday and I have all day....

except my son was coming home to go to this young man's HS graduation and blew a head gasket on his car. So we had to get the car and my son home...(nothing's close in Montana...) and now I am missing the graduation to finish the knife for the party where he's receiving his graduation gifts....

It's 3 pm...just finished epoxy-ing....dropped down from 2 hr epoxy to 1 hr epoxy cause I'm gonna need the time to finish...fortunately...I've made enough of these that I've gotten fast at sanding them...and they're small/fast to finish...handle is Corian so a final buff and good to go...

Party is at 5 pm..... o_O o_O o_O;)

gives me 1 hr to finish....sheesh. (I'll post a pic from the party if possible...fortunately I live 30 seconds away....)


That is a beautiful knife, something he will treasure forever. The most cherished gift for someone is your gift of time and talent in an object made specifically for them. That says more than money could ever buy.
It's crazy...but every time I make a gift knife I learn some new useful skill. This one I learned how to do 3D "v-carving" for the lettering. I learned some time ago how to do 3D outline lettering but I think this is a cooler look. And most tru-type fonts work! (with a bit of