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That sure looks like a NICE running grinder. Good job on the grinder. Also, a good job on the photos. I do like the tracking system - I've put a similar one on my grinder. That video really shows just how smooth the grinder runs - you gonna ENJOY that grinder!

What's the story on the platen? I see it's nice thick at ends, but is thin in middle. That's got to be a repurposed piece of metal..... and I know you're as bad as I am looking to repurpose stuff.

Drew Riley

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I just noticed the way you did you're tracking. I have recently modified mine very similarly after seeing the same kind of idea on the Reeder Products machine. It's definitely a game changer for reverse tracking on the odd attachments I have that won't track the same in the reverse direction as they do forward. It's a simple addition that adds that much more convenience and versatility.


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Xylophone! That's right, now I remember you talking about it before, perhaps in emails? I did not realize how they got the different tones, but by varying the thickness.

C Craft

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Hey looks like you got a winner! The tracking adjustment is something that should be standard on all builds. I went back after a few uses and built it into mine. However the canter adjustment is not easy to adjust. Maybe someday I will rebuild that as well!

Now I even appreciate the offer you made to help me out, but had already gone the other way, and put it on order! You do good work!!