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I'm new to this forum and just stepping into the world of knife making. I started collecting fixed blade knives about a year ago and have gathered a small collection. I had reached out to a gentleman about his knives that I saw on another forum and we kinda became friends :). He then invited me up to his place to make a knife and now I am hooked. This is something I have talked alot to my wife about and she is on board if it keeps me busy and out of her hair if/when I retire. I have much to learn but that is part of the fun. I best learn by doing and making mistakes. I'm pretty good with my hands and have a pretty good eye for detail. So I have completed 1 knife and working on the second under the great supervision of my friend who will remain nameless unless he chooses otherwise. I have already ordered material for 3+ more that I already have sketched up. This hole is as deep as firearms which I also love and have a decent collection.

Little about me. I work as a construction superintendent for a commercial GC. We do commercial, healthcare, education, multi family along with other stuff. My background is multi family so I get pulled to those projects even though I prefer other stuff due to the sub base of today.

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I especially line the brown handled one. On the blue handled one try doing some hard, not abusive, work with it and see what that handle tells you.