New Prototype for sale

Les Voorhies

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I've been wanting to do a flipper with an external stop pit for a while. My first flipper had one but I didn't like the fact that it constrained my designs. With this configuration it's easy to clean out so debris won't impede the blades operation.

I've already made a few changes to the design and I should have a couple at the Blade show next month, I plan to do 3" and 4" bladed versions and will have .100" ti liners.
Specs on the prototype:

It has a 3.1", .150" thick CPM S35VN blade, 4.1" closed, 7.2" overall, .065" ti liners, orange G10 overlays and back spacer, titanium tip up pocket clip and a 3/16" hardened precision pivot with IKBS. It has a good detent and no wrist action is needed to flip it.

Price - $500 + $13 shipping (USPS Priority insured, U.S.)

Thanks for looking :)


Les Voorhies

Badge Boss Admin Dog Catcher
The stop pin is exposed like on a regular liner liner lock, except to accommodate to flipper it's placed in the front top corner.