New Year Resolutions

Discussion in 'Knife Dogs Main Forum' started by Justin Presson, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    What are your knifemaking or collecting New Year Resolutions?

    Here are a few of mine.

    I want to make a really nice hidden tang knife. I have only made one and it was just ok I want to make one that would be to the fit and finish John Doyle would put out.

    I want to make a short sword or wakizashi style knife. Something 2 handed to lop off zombie heads and

    Lastly, more folders. I have a framelock flipper I need to finish and I want to make several slip joints.

    Ok there are
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  2. Gliden07

    Gliden07 Well-Known Member

    I want to get my Hardening and tempering down to a scince, better grinds, finish new larger forge for Spring to start forging blades. Just make more and better knives. Experiment with new materials!
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  3. opaul

    opaul Well-Known Member

    Get my oven up and ready to heat treat the AEB-L sitting in my shop.
    Forge a hidden tang blade from the Damascus bar I have sitting in my shop.
    Go out today and get some 1095 stock, grind a blade this weekend and heat treat to create a hamon pattern. Ferric chloride arrived yesterday.
    Continue to refine my leather work skills.
    Improve on each blade I make.
    Send some of the nice unstablized wood I have to K&G to get stabilized.
    Continue to be an active forum member.
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  4. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

    1) Make better sheaths.
    2) sell some knives
    3) makes some stainless blades
    4)keep my shop cleaner
    5) stop looking for wood online till i use half of what I already have.
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  5. Erin Burke

    Erin Burke Well-Known Member

    ^^^Hahaha!!!! This... definitely this.
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  6. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    1) I've always wanted to try making an auto folder. I finally bit the bullet and got a mill at the end of 2017 and I think this new year is the time to give the auto a try.
    2) I also want to learn to do an inner frame inlay with a really nice, tight fit. I've seen a few Facebook posts by Rick Genovese and how he does it and I'm itching to give it a go.
    3) I think I'd also like to give a framelock flipper a try too.
    4) Be more involved on KD. I don't have a lot to offer, but I can certainly give more back to the community that got me to where I'm at.
    5) Buy more wood and handle stuff from online! It makes me happy:) and I'm not going to stop. . . !
  7. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

    Lol...till your wife says...WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
  8. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    Ted, you look her straight in the eye and reminder her about the closet filled to overflowing with her shoe collection. It works every time. LOL.
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  9. Erin Burke

    Erin Burke Well-Known Member

    Not every time...
    ... I have almost as many shoes as my wife. A person needs hiking boots, winter boots, work boots, shoes for trail running, shoes for pavement running, shoes for treadmill running, wrestling shoes, fancy office shoes, and B&W Chuck Taylors... just for starters.
    Plus, my wife can always remind me of my firearms. There's no winning... so I buy the Koa and hope that my boyish good looks and charm will keep me out of the dog house. :D
  10. BrandantR

    BrandantR Well-Known Member

    Man, Erin. I don't know what to tell you. I hope your looks and charm are enough ;).

    Sorry, Justin. Didn't mean to get this thread off the rails. I hope you'll forgive us.

    I did think of one more resolution though. 6) Keep my shop floor clean! I loose more small parts to the broom and dustpan than any man should ever have to deal with.
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  11. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    1- Continue to improve the quality of my knives.
    2- Finish all the knives I have started before starting any new ones.
    3- Make this hobby more of a part time job. Work on finishing 2 or more knives a month.
    4- Try new styles even if they aren't something I want to make. Like tactical knives, it's not something that I'm interested in. I do get asked if I'll ever make some.
    5- Buy more wood
    6- Buy more wood
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  12. Ty Adams

    Ty Adams KNIFE MAKER

    Get your wife into shooting. Mine spends more money on guns and ammo than I Do! :)
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  13. Robert Erickson

    Robert Erickson KNIFE MAKER

    My goals for this year are to begin heat treating my blades, (My HT oven arrives Tuesday:)), make more hidden tang knives, successfully make some San Mai and learn to create hamon. Pretty ambitious but hey gotta set high goals right?
    Oh and quitting buying wood is easy.....I've done it a hundred times :D
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  14. GeneK


    1) Make more hidden tang knives and make my own guards.
    2) Do more forging and less stock removal.
    3) Try new damascus patterns.
    4) Keep the shop organized better. ( This will be the hardest one.)
    5) Do more detailed handle work with liners, bolsters and mixes of woods on hidden and full tang knives..
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  15. Cojab

    Cojab Well-Known Member

    Fixed it for ya!

    No resolutions for me but goals are:
    Finish shop
    Increase tooling with either a mill or a surface grinder
    Come up with new designs and blanks for all of them
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  16. Smallshop

    Smallshop KNIFE MAKER

  17. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    I need to buy more wood too.

    Good stuff guys!
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  18. AkWildman

    AkWildman Well-Known Member

    No more spray on deodorant!!!! Roll on 2018 Roll on !!!!!!
  19. Rick Otts

    Rick Otts Well-Known Member

    Finish fixing my truck so I can get back to grinding.So getting my grinds better.
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