New Years 2015 knifemaking resolutions - the official thread

Travis Fry

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I've been making simple but clean hunters and utility/edc stuff for 6 years or so, and I realized that while I've made a lot of knives I'm proud of, I've not made too many that were remarkable or noteworthy. So that's my end of year/New Years resolution--to make more knives that make a statement, to use higher end materials, and to push my skills out of the rut. It's time to put myself on the map!

Jim Moenck

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Well, I have 3 resolutions for the New Year. I will work on improving my heat treating skills. Luckily, I have a friend close by with a Rockwell tester who will give me some guidance there. Secondly, I will improve my skills to make liner lock folders. I want to become competent in that skill. Lastly, I will make a lot more knives in the coming year. The move to our new home, along with some family illnesses, really put a damper on my shop time. All of these are achievable, and I will post my work here. I'm counting on all of you to help keep me on track.
Happy New Year everyone.

Jason Wernli

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Travis, thanks for the message. I would like to say that I found your website when I first started looking into knife making. Your work has been one of my biggest inspirations. YOU ARE THE MAP.

I can't wait to refine my skills this year as I try to learn a new skill on each successive knife.
- J


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My massive knife background has been repair and restoration work of mostly Vintage kitchen knives and learning to do a few things the hard way..

MY Resolutions for this year regarding knifemaking.... is really simple :) learn to grind a bevel and design a blade

and 2. Be helpful to someone as much as people here have been to me.....paying it forward as they say


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My resolution for the coming year is to finish up all the projects I have started in previous years. Projects like inlaying a Bear skull with turquoise, a silver &ivory stamp box, the 23 blades waiting for finishing, a dancing Kachina doll bolo, 8 pr of grips for my NAA revolvers, making traditional Mokume-Gang and about 12 more projects. And finally, grinding a blade myself, instead of just making scrap steel :)Some of these projects were started over 40 years ago.This will keep me off the streets...

Brad Lilly

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My 2015 resolution is to get my head out of my butt and learn how to make a knife.

Good grief, I should resolve to make a knife good enough to get to your starting point.\

I'm going to set aside TIME to devote to making knives, I hardly got anything done in 2014

Dennis Morland

My resolution is to complete Knife No. 100. At this point in time - it will be my very first bowie knife. I am already in the planning stage. Now, I just need some time.

As a warning I must say, be very careful what your resolution is going to be . . .

Last year's resolution nearly kicked my butt. I made a knife for all of my nieces and nephews. All 17 of them. I got it done but it took a lot of work to make everyone of them happy.

To all my friends on Knifedogs . . . have a safe and productive 2015.


BossDog & Owner
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make more folders this year...lot's of folders..
I started today and I'm half done with a liner lock.

Frank Niro

I'm going to make more tacticals and some flippers. I want to maintain quality and continue to use natural materials for almost all.
Travis you do great work! Just keep making and where you want to go will happen without you having to reach out.


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My goals for the year largely center around the Guild/ABS show in September. I'll be up for voting membership in the Guild, a goal I've worked for for two years now. For the show, I'd like to finish the "little fish" knife that I've had in my head for at least three years. MOP, feather Damascus, gold pins, and gem eyes. Never done gem setting, gold, or MOP.

Second, I'll be on my second year of the ABS waiting period. I'll be honest, I want to show up at the show with some forged knives that are as good as or better than run-of-the-mill Journeyman quality, if for no other reason than to make my point again that "three years" has nothing at all to do with one's ability to make an excellent forged knife. Not sure if I can pull that off or not :)

Third, I've been elected to the board of the newly forming Texas Knifemakers' Guild. I'd like to see that take off.

Fourth, I'm not dead yet, so I need more tools. I'd like to have a mill or a welder by the end of the year, maybe both.

LR Adkins

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Wow , I need to make so many. First I want to stop making so many Bowie's and concentrate on making more edc's, hunters etc. Its time for me to start making folders instead of the old style friction folders. Finish my gas forge, I sold my coal forge. I need to learn how to use my mill and lathe. I want to learn how to put pictures on here. This is just a start for my new year.

Justin Presson

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I have a few being a rookie it's all about trying new things for me. I want to make a frame lock and a chopper. I also want to heat treat some knives myself and save up enough cash to buy a heat treat oven.
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Fred Rowe

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I hope to spend more time sharing the skills I have acquired over the years with someone new to the craft.

Have a great New Year Dogs, Fred

Kevin Cross

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1. Be more active on this forum.
2. Work on website and increase my web presence.
3. Make more folders.
4. Push myself to make a couple of knives that I think are way beyond my abilities right now.