No Weld Grinder Motor Wiring Question


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I just got my Weg motor from surplus city (this model) and I can't seem to find any documentation on the wiring. I searched several sites as well as the manuf's site but no dice. I was hoping one of you has hooked up this motor before.

Here are a couple of pix


I'm wiring for the low voltage (110) so I connected the colors that appear to be connected on the motor diagram i.e Blue & Orange, White & Brown.

I'm not sure if that's right and I'm not sure which should connect with the switch.

Any help is appreciated!


John Wilson

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You almost got it. Yellow should not be bundled with the other. Yellow ties to your Neutral.

Here's what you want:

Blue + Orange + HOT (110 VAC supply)

Yellow + Neutral

White + Brown (wire nut these together by themselves)

And connect your ground to the motor chassis. There should be a screw inside the peckerhead (the connection box) for connecting your ground wire.

John Wilson

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OOPS! I just looked at the picture again, except this time I enlarged it so I could see. You did get it right. I didn't notice the yellow was floating and just sitting next to the others.

Great job!

Wayne Coe

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I have a wiring kit with instructions. Just check out This includes an 8' molded power cord, toggle switch, cable glands for dust proof connections, wire nuts and my one page instructions.
I also have wiring kits for use with VFDs and 3 phase motors.

Let me know if I can help you.

John Wilson

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Sorry, you asked which to connect with the switch. Run your HOT leg (110VAC) through the switch and then to the motor leads (blue + orange). Your neutral and ground should run back to the power source (circuit breaker) uninterrupted.