No Weld Grinder (NWG) WIP!


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Well, I have making knives for about 8 months now. I just finished up with #22 and currently working on #'s 23,24,25 and I dont see any singes of stopping soon! So I decided it was time to move forward and step away from my 1x42 and get a 2x72. I dont have a bunch of money so all the big boys are out of the question. I decided on the NWG 2x72.I figure If i keep building knives this grinder will be a great second grinder if I ever buy a Wilmont or something like it.

I will try to do my best with ths WIP. Fair warning Im not the best at remebering to take pics wile Im working on something. I get caught up in what im doing and forget from time to time. Plus I havent done to many WIPS. So here goes.

I bought the plans off USA Knife makers website. Good plans and very helpful. I did find a few mistakes but nothing I cant work around or figure out. I also will be changing a few things here and there but nothing to big. Im building the plans for the grinder with the flat platen and tool rest. I will be adding a small wheel atachment now and a wheel later when I figure out which one I want. I bought enough extra steel to have 2 extra tooling arms so I dont have to unbolt the attachements when I need to use them.

Lets get to the build. Ill start with this. Since I didnt Have another workbench and I didnt want to take up room on my main workbench, I have to get another one. My main workbench I built from old scrap lumber I found in a barn. Its awesome! I bet it weighs at least 500lbs! I like to keep it clean (yea right) so I can do all kinds of different projects on it. Since Im kinda pressed for time, I decided to use heavy duty shelving, Its 24 inches deep and 8 feet long. Good enough for now and lots of room to grow!

cutting the plywood for the shelves.

all finished up! Im going to make some brakets to hang my belts up on the risers. This should work out good!

Alright now that we have a good solid bench, lets get to building the grinder!

Here we have what will be a fine tuned machine! See it? Can you tell its a grinder?

Got my other workbench all cleaned off so I have some room to work! first time I have seen it for a long time! lol

First ting to do is cut and square up my base.

Now I will mark my holes I need to drill. Only holes I didnt mark and drill are for the pillow blocks. The are on the way so I will do this when they get here.

Im useing an irwin step bit in my drill press to drill the holes. These things eat metal! They are awesome!

Must have measured right, the bolts slid right threw! Yay!

I decided to tap the holes that are for the tool rest socket.

This is a dry fit of the base and tool rest socket. Starting to look like a grinder yet?

I took it all apart and cleaned it up. Put a coat of primer on and called it a day!

Im going to spend the whole day on this tomarrow so stay tuned!
thanks for looking!


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thanks guys! Got a lot done today, still waiting for the photo dump I did on Photobucket to upload. I'll update this tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


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Ok here is what i got done on Sunday. I started out by painting the base, tool holder socket and hold downs. I really just wanted to see what this paint looked like. It looks pretty good.

Next I cut and drilled the uprights. Mounted them to the base. Im going to dry fit the rest of the build then take it all apart and paint it all at once.

Next I cut , drilled and taped the tension arm.

I cut and mounted the tooling arm socket.

Next up is the platten attachement. One big change is I want my platten to tilt. So Im making mine adjustable.

When you dont have a milling machine you have to be creative!

Getting there!

lots of hand work.

Its not perfect but should work.

Now to drill the platten.

All mounted up

Turning out pretty good! cant wait to get back to it!

Random fun shot, just playing with my camera! thanks for looking!


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nice WIP.
The tilting platen is a great customization.


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Started off last night with making the tracking wheel mount and brackets.

Working dinner! mmmm

Mocked up my wheels, i will have to do a lot of shimming and adjusting later.

Next up i cut and drilled all my steel for the tool rest holder.

All mocked up. I decided to have all this welded to clean it up a bit.

Next i broke everything down to get it ready to paint.

All primed and ready for paint. I hope tonight I can get the paint done. Thanks for looking. might be a couple of days befor i get the rest of my parts. with any luck i will be grinding this weekend! Thanks for looking!



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Awesome work. Well done WIP cant wait to see it fire up.

thank you sir! I will most likely do a video of it in action when I get all the bugs worked out!

Got all the paint done tonight, no pics thou, sorry. Who wants to watch paint dry anyway? Crossing fingers for the rest of my parts to show up tomorrow. Then the real fun begins!


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All my parts showed up yesturday so it was time to start getting the final build done!

Started out with mounting my pillow blocks and driveshaft.

Next I drilled my bench for the mounting holes.

Mounted my base in place and attached the uprights.

Next I mounted my tool rest socket.

Then the tool arm socket.

Attached my tracking wheel assy.

Put together my platten assy and put a belt on to see where im at.

I spent a long time last night getting everything lined up. Still have some more tweeking to do but its coming along.
Might no be back at till Sat. we shaeel see. Thanks for looking.