Norton Norzon BlueFire belts?


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has anyone tried these?
seems to better than the Blaze [according to the Norton ad brochure]

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I just read up on those. They are better other Zirc belts, not ceramic (like Blaze)
They seem pretty good. I have already sent a note to my Norton rep to get these in stock.


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thanks Tracy.
i'm trying to get a couple to try out here but our local Norton dealers are pretty slow.
i had to tell them about the Blaze belts before they got any.
when you get your stock,if possible,please try out the Blue Fire and let us know.


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When I was at Johnny and Harveys class the other day a tru-grit rep came by and gave a demo talked about them a little they are an in between belt just a little cheaper than the blaze but more than the regular blue, I think I will stick with the blaze.
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I just got an email from Tru-Grit....they are sending me a sample 50 grit Blue Fire with this order of belts.....I'll let you know what I think about them.

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I've used these belts a few times now. They are a pretty good blue zirc belt, especially for the money. I'd say overall, they are on the better side of the middle of the road belts for quality and belt life. Better than any blue zirc belts I've tried so far. They don't grind as fast as the blaze or other ceramics for heavy stock removal and don't last as long.

Ive been using the 120 grit to clean up my blades after HT and they work great for that. I use the 60 and 80 grits for cleaning up profiles and rough shaping handles. They last pretty good on wood, it seems, without loading up too bad.


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I have several gritts 120 220 and they perform pretty good for a cheap belt . I have used them on steel but very little , I mostly use them on wood. The belts I like better are klingspore yellow zirconia because the backing stretches and allows for contouring handles excellent the blue belts dont stretch as much . Kellyw