Off to Seattle on Sunday.....and hopefully some answers


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Ed, that's great news "considering", as Sean says. Been praying for you. Put your name on the list for our prayer team at church, so you've had that help also. I hope and pray, myself, that you find a way to continue doing what you do so well and love so much. Just don't over do it!


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Ed good to hear from you!! Glad no Cancer!! And to hear your Doctors have a game plan finally!! I hope the new meds do as they say! Been missing your commentary on here!!


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Great news considering the issues and a medics plan to treat the problem. Praying for peace, comfort for you and family.


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Good news Ed. Happy to hear you’re turning the corner and heading in a good direction!



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Started the new meds yesterday..... Docs said a month or more to notice their effects. I'm already beginning to see that this is gona be something that totally changes my life/lifestyle. What used to be "little" tasks, are now major ones. Something as simple as going to Sam's Club to pick up a few things, involves a long rest period afterwards. Hope them med hurry up and kick in! :)

Biggest disappointment is missing this year's Blade Show. Hopefully by next year this stuff will be under control, and I can make the show then.


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Ya know, one of the best places for catching a mid morning nap is at the edge of a duck marsh when the birds slow down and you can feel the sun warm things up a bito_O;). Don't mind me, just chip away at what you gotta do.