Old File, New Straight Razor


Well, I'm new to knife making, and this is my first post to the forum.

First off thank you all for the the excelent advice and information that you have all posted on the forum. It has been very helpfull as i have pushed through this new hobby of mine.

So here is my first start to finish, non kit, blade.

It's a decent little straight razor that I made out of a old file that I found in my wife's toobox, shhhh :), and some left over Corian from new countertops that a friend installed.

It's not the prittiest, but it is supper sharp and shaves very very good. :)



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Welcome to the pack here at KnifeDogs!

Great looking Razor,
Also a great job of scrounging materials. I'll never tell!:nothing: I wouldn't hand it back if your wife wants to know where her chisel is? I use to buy old files at garage sales for my first knives.




Thank you guys for the kind replies. My only real wish for this build is I wish I had a propper grinding set up for holow grinding the blade. As it is I used the top roller on my belt sander to get as close as I could to a holow grind.