Out of this world!!!

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Hey Dog's. were about to embark on a great adventure here at HHH Knives. And I want to bring you guys along with us..

OK so heres what Im thinking!
Soon, I will start a new WIP of a awesome new project. Were going to be forging some Meteorite damascus! Yep that is the out of this world reference. :) Today I received a 4+ lb piece of Meteorite and with a little luck at the end of the process we will have a couple of extra amazing and beautiful billets of SPACE STEEL!

This is something Jr and I have not tried yet. But thats the awesome part of this great adventure I call knife making. Trying new stuff and working with new materials. As well as meeting new friends and learning new tricks, and sharing in each others successes as well as our set backs and straight up flops! :D

If you have read this all the way to here, Please post something to let me know if you would be interested in seeing a new "OUT OF THIS WORLD" Work In Progress

Thanks and God Bless YA!
Randy, HHH Knives


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You know Randy, if you're interested in putting in the sweat, the least I can do is watch. Actually it's all I can do.
I eagerly await the beginning of this new adventure!

HHH Knives

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Im glad to see there's some interest in this. Im super stoked about this.. But Im easily excited! lol Theres a really amazing and cool story as to how I came across the piece of Meteorite.. But Ill just say this..... God is GOOD! and it never ceases to amaze me how he orchestrates stuff!

As far as when the WIP will start.. Its gona be a week or so, Randy Jr. is finishing up a order for a fellow knife dog Frank. Then barring any unforeseen stuff. We will start the process to forge the rock into something resembling a bar of steel to add to and mix into a billet of damascus!

This is gona be a great new experience for us, and a learning one at that.. :) Thanks again for posting. Ill start a NEW thread in the HOT METAL area for the WIP. ASAP.
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That is great ans I would love to see the work in progress. I don't often type much on here but this is worth it.
You are right that God is Good and he makes things happen that will bring a new light to your life. I hope it
does and you enjoy the experience.

Cameron Wilcox

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sounds awesome! can't wait to see this. you always find something interesting to make and I'm sure this will be great, are you keeping any knives you make with it or going to sell it?

Kevin Cross

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This sounds like a very cool project Randy. I look forward to seeing you turn that chunk of space rock into something beautiful.


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Sounds great Randy! Now you have us all on the edge of our seats. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Keith Willis

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Hey Randy,that sounds great! It is always viewing pleasure,to see what you and Jr,come up with.
To be able to watch it as it unfolds,will be even better.

God bless,Keith

Rudy Joly

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Bring it on big boy.

Next thing you know, you'll be forging something from our planets' core. It's a big hunk of nickel/iron damascus.