Persian Kard

J. Doyle

Dealer - Purveyor
Here's the latest piece I finished for am upcoming show. It's my take on a 17th century Persian kard. This was an incredibly difficult piece for me to photograph.

10" blade of 1084 & 15n20, 14 3/4" overall
416 stainless fittings with fileworked heat blued accent spacer
Carved African blackwood handle
Decorative fileworked spine

John, you did a GREAT job, on both the knife and photography. The closeups really show the detail.

I'm guessing Damascus and partially etched? Regardless of what it is, WOW!!! Outstanding.
Great job! Is the back of the blade in damascus forge welded to the front monosteel in the s shape we see, or is the damascus a cladding on the monosteel? If a cladding, you did an execellent job getting both sides the same. Impressive either way!
Thanks much all.

The entire blade is 1084 & 15n20. It is selectively etched to show a subtle pattern only in the ricasso/plunge/upper spine area that is to be representive of the damascening, filigree or engraving so common to kards in only that area of the blade.
Super cool. I have a piece of "interior" walrus ivory that I have been saving for a number of years for the right project. What is may end up doing it splitting it into scales and forging an integral Kard out of some of my DH III W2 round bar.