PIF: NPC 1911 scope mount

Rob Nelson

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In the week I've been here at Knife Dogs, I've been very blessed by alot of support from other members here. Overwhelmingly so!

I would like to pay it forward in some small degree, but I do not have anything knife related. So I would like to offer free to a good home, a lightly used NPC no tap scope mount for a 1911. This replaces the left grip panel on 1911's with a right side safety only. I'll try to get a picture up later on today.

Not certain how this should work, but I'll go with the first "I'll take it!" to reply in this thread. USA only addresses please.


Archer Moon

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Welcome to the family! That is a great start. As I do not have any thing for it to go on, I will pass on this one. But it should be fun to have!